Change is only one year away

Change is only one year away

To:      Lincoln County Democrats, Independent, and Progressive Voters

From: Lincoln County Democratic Committee, Chris Johnson, Chair

So much must change. The president is an international embarrassment, a mean-spirited, pathological liar, and a domestic threat to our Constitution. GOP leaders put party above country, listen to money instead of constituents, and ignore science. Income inequality has made the wealthiest few even richer by stealing opportunity from everyone else. Climate change is now a crisis that demands decisive action.

This will be the most consequential election in our lifetime–perhaps for all future generations.

We have one year to make a difference.

It’s time for elections and politics to be about serving the people, not just the wealthy, corporations, or partisan interests. The Lincoln County Democratic Committee (LCDC) is committed to bringing positive change and doing it with honesty and integrity, whether in people’s lives, throughout the halls of power, or even within our own party.

Contribute $25 TODAY to help us prepare for the 2020 campaign.

We’re depending on you to invest what you can so we can hit the ground running in January. We’ll put your contribution to good use: renting and equipping a headquarters, recruiting volunteers, and sharing our message – in short, getting the job done.

We are proud of our local candidates who are eligible and choose to run “Clean Election” campaigns. So, while their campaign contributions and spending are restricted by law, your donation to the LCDC will strengthen grassroot engagement with voters to help get those candidates elected.

The funds we raise stay in Lincoln County, help the local economy, and enable the person-to-person communication that is at the heart of what we do. Help send good people to represent us at the local, state, and national level.

Please download, print and send this contribution form or give online:

Help us reach our 2019 fundraising goals, setting us up for victory on November 3, 2020.


P.S. Please also share this message with family, friends, and neighbors who would also like to see good things happen next November 3rd.

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