It is time for Democrats to be exemplary leaders

It is time for Democrats to be exemplary leaders

In Maine’s last election we won control of the State House and Senate and the Governor’s office. At the Federal level we now have a majority in Congress.

But it isn’t just up to them to lead. It’s up to all of us as well to not be silent, but to be a voice for the welcome changes coming. Are we willing not only to expect good governing by others, but to also run for local office? It’s a chance to work and advocate for our values on school board, select board, or other offices. If we don’t, who will? Are we engaging the next generation in becoming tomorrow’s leaders?

As we prepare for the 2020 elections, there is no more important work than making our values become the social norm while growing our membership and number of committed grassroots volunteers. And if you have an opening for local office that doesn’t already have someone you respect and admire running for it, maybe that person is you. Consider yourself asked.

Our small communities are always in need of new blood for volunteer positions. Far too often these roles fall on the shoulders of the same few. Nomination papers are available for many towns who have Spring town meetings, such as: AlnaBoothbay HarborBristolJeffersonNobleboroSouth BristolSouthportWhitefield… Others will be available in the Spring for Summer elections.

If you need help learning about your local government’s opportunities or help in gathering signatures from your fellow progressives so that you can get on the ballot, let us know! If you want to endorse incumbents or those planning to run please spread the word through letters to the editor, on Facebook, etc.

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