Mark Eves

Mark Eves


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Maine wants and needs a governor who will stand up for progressive policies like universal health care, well-funded schools, and a treatment-first approach to the opioid crisis. We know this because, over the last four years, the voters supported referendums to expand Medicaid, raise the minimum wage, and fund our schools through a progressive tax system, all of which I supported. To build on these victories, we need a Democratic governor who is unafraid to campaign and lead on progressive values. We need a candidate who will give the voters a progressive vision for our state that they want to vote for. During my career as a family therapist, in the legislature, and as Speaker of the House, I have always stood with Maine families against the powerful interests that try to keep them down. And I will always do so as governor.

Mark Eves, the son of a public-school teacher and a retired military chaplain, got his start going door to door, helping families in trouble. A family therapist, he served as both a clinician and executive administrator for community health organizations across the state, as well as operating a private practice of his own. Eves later served eight years in the Maine House of Representatives, including two terms as Speaker of the House. And while his bouts with Governor Paul LePage have been well publicized, under Eves’ leadership the legislature passed a $15 million senior housing bond, innovative work training programs for rural communities, and Medicaid expansion five times. Eves lives in North Berwick with his wife Laura, their three young children, four goats, two pigs and a coop full of chickens.

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