Primary results bode well for our candidates!

Primary results bode well for our candidates!

Attention was focused on several high profile races in the primary: the gubernatorial races and the 2nd Congressional District, which were decided by ranked choice voting. But here in Lincoln County, Democrats had positive primary results to report. The overall good news is that Democrats came out to vote. There is enthusiasm for our candidates. If we do our work (canvassing, phone banking, and talking to friends and neighbors) in the next 16 weeks, that enthusiasm will grow even larger and more vibrant.

Out of four Maine House candidates whose districts primarily lie within Lincoln County, two are facing incumbents. In District 87, Jason Putnam got 47% of the vote against his two-term incumbent opponent, and he had a very strong showing in two towns outside Lincoln County, Pittston and Randolph. In District 89, Holly Stover received more votes than a three-term incumbent, a great boost to the start of her campaign. In District 88, Chloe Maxmin not only won her primary contest with Alan Plummer, but in Lincoln County she also received more votes than her Republican opponent. And Mick Devin, in his fourth-term race for District 90, trounced his opponent almost 2 to 1.

Laura Fortman, our Maine Senate candidate in District 13, bested her incumbent opponent in Lincoln County — a great showing, especially considering she began her campaign with much lower name recognition than the incumbent. And Natasha Irving, candidate for District Attorney in District 6, of which Lincoln County is one of four counties, received more votes than her opponent, a LePage appointee.

The take-away?

We can claim a strong start to the election season with these primary results, but we can take nothing for granted. We expect these individual campaigns will be hard fought; our opponents want to win as much as we do. All of us need to work our buns off to make sure that the Blue Wave crests in Lincoln County!

HD87 (R is two-term incumbent)
Jason Putnam 365
Opponent 418

HD88 (Open Seat)
Chloe Maxmin (primary winner) 573
Opponent 531

HD89 (R is three-term incumbent)
Holly Stover 961
Opponent 908

HD90 (D is three-term incumbent)
Mick Devin 1175
Opponent 647

SenateD13 (R is one-term incumbent)
Laura Fortman 3254
Opponent 3196

District Attorney #6 (R is an incumbent appointed by Le Page)
Natasha Irving 3241
Opponent 2873


Barbara Burt, Campaign Chair
Boothbay Harbor

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