Regarding Morrison Bonpasse

Regarding Morrison Bonpasse

As this Father’s Day weekend winds down, before we head into another busy week, we’d like to take just a moment of your time to note the passing of one of our own – Morrison Bonpasse. Morrison is one of those people who don’t fit any mold. For years he was an active volunteer, and a frequent attendee of meetings, always ready to speak up and put in a thoughtful word on the subject at hand. Morrison drove me door to door. He took up many causes, even unlikely ones if he felt it was the just thing to do.

Our memories include Morrison running for president in 2016. He had no illusions about winning, but he wanted to bring attention to the issues of decreasing the wrongful conviction rates, the impact of population growth on the environment, and the need for a single global currency. And he was willing to put himself on the public stage to elevate those issues with good humor, good will, and conviction.

Please take a moment if you haven’t already to read about the surprising life of Morrison Bonpasse, and remember him well. If you’ve a mind to, perhaps this would be a good time to remember that Morrison lived his conviction that what you believe in strongly is worth working for.

Morrison – we’ll do our best to carry on the good fight and ensure the arc of the moral universe bends toward justice.

Chris Johnson, Chair
April Thibodeau, Vice Chair


Photo courtesy of Bob Crink as taken during an LCDC Egghead Evening on Oct 8, 2018

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