Voter Registration Drive

Voter Registration Drive


The Outreach Committee is conducting a Voter Registration Drive through November.

The importance of exercising one's right to vote cannot be underestimated. As Citizens and residents of Maine, we all need to accept and embrace our Civic responsibility. Voter registration is key to expressing one's view and making it count, and we hope to generate a more engaged Lincoln County population in advance of the 2018 elections, and beyond.”

We will provide instructions for completing the Voter Registration Card, which needs to be turned in to the Registrant’s Town Hall for validation. The Town Clerk’s office will contact the Registrant if there are any questions. Voter registrants may take a card to complete and return to their Town Clerk’s Office, or they can partially complete the card (with the least confidential information), and leave it with the Registration Table team lead, who will deliver the card to the Registrant’s Town Office.

The locations for the Voter Registration Drives will include areas that are frequented by younger, and potentially unregistered residents, as well as the sites that are are designated as high traffic locations.

The attendants at the tables will be available to answer some basic questions, and they will have information sheets to hand out to interested parties.

Here is what has been going on w/ voter registration

  • We have been staffing Voter Registration Tables all over Lincoln County this spring, including at the CLCYMCA, in front of Fernald’s Store and the Bookstore in Damariscotta, Treats in Wiscassett, The Sheepscot General Store, and weekly Table Staffing at the DRA Farmer’s Market. Mary Voskian has been great at leading the staffing of the DRA Farmer’s Market
  • Thanks to Ronna Lugosh, there will now be a voter registrationn application card ibcluded in all of the welcome baskets of new residents in the Damariscotta, Newcastle and the local area.
  • So far, we have handed out 33 cards at the Voter Reg Tables
  • We have found that when people walk by, many of them have thanked us for doing what we do. It seems there is a feeling out there that we need to continue to keep up our work

How to help

We need to have more regular voter reg presents at locations such as the Boothbay Farmers Market, the Rising Tide, and the Rising Tide Farmers Market. Are you interesting in staffing a table?

FMI or to volunteer for these or other Outreach activities, please contact: Jan John, Outreach Chair | Home: (207) 529-6502 | Cell: (978) 302-7445

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