Janet Mills

Janet Mills


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I have five children and four grandchildren who I want to grow up in a safe, prosperous, beautiful Maine, just like I did. That means making sure good-paying jobs are available, that we have great schools across our state, that our air and water are clean, and that every Mainer has access to high-quality, affordable healthcare. I’ve been working to stop the LePage administration’s destructive policies every day, and I believe I’m the best qualified person to repair the damage and set our state on the path to a brighter future.

Janet Mills was born and raised in Farmington, the town she still calls home. Like thousands of Mainers, Janet started working at an early age, delivering newspapers and waiting tables at the local diner. Since then, she has dedicated her life and career to standing up for Maine families.

In the 1970s, Janet co-founded the Maine Women’s Lobby and pushed state lawmakers to provide funding to shelter victims of domestic violence. She went on to become the first female District Attorney in New England, served four terms in the Maine State House, and, in 2009, she became Maine’s first female Attorney General.

As Attorney General, Janet has gone after corporations that take advantage of vulnerable Maine workers, families and senior citizens. After the 2008 financial crisis, Janet held major Wall Street firms accountable for their role in the collapse, and used settlement funds to help Maine families avoid foreclosure and stay in their homes. Later, when Governor LePage refused to take action, Janet sued the big pharmaceutical companies for lying about their products’ risks, and distributed overdose antidotes to police departments across the state. This year, Janet has stood up to the Trump administration, suing over their efforts to roll back clean air and water protections and ban Muslims from entering the country.

Janet is a traditionally financed candidate, and we accept donations at our secure online portal at janetmills.com/contribute.

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