Get to an Event

In addition to County and Municipal Committee Meetings, the LCDC hosts or promotes other educational, activist, and social activities to further our goals within our town committees or across the county. Join us!

Get to a Meeting

The Lincoln County Democratic Committee meets monthly. It’s an opportunity to meet members, participate in discussion, hear from political candidates and other speakers with expertise, ideas and opinions about current issues. We also have a number of volunteer subcommittees that focus on various long-range projects as well as many active Municipal Committees.


One of the fundamental roles of the LCDC is to educate and support aspiring candidates. It is more important than ever that the voices of those with progressive values and ideas are heard and that fresh perspectives and strategies are brought to bear on the problems we face.


  • If you have a particular skill or interest to offer that can help with our work, please share and a member of the Executive Committee will reach out to you about joining a subcommittee or working group....



  • The Westport Island Democratic Committee met on the evening of February 11 to enjoy a potluck meal and discuss local, state and national political matters....

  • On Wednesday, Jan. 23, in accordance with the Lincoln County Democratic Committee’s (LCDC) bylaws, the membership packed the community room of the Newcastle Fire Station to elect the organization’s four officers, each for a two-year term....

  • Join us for another fun filled potluck and meeting on Monday, February 11, 6:00 PM, at April Thibodeau's house: 141 Post Office Rd....

  • In Maine's last election we won control of the State House and Senate and the Governor’s office. At the Federal level we now have a majority in Congress. But it isn’t just up to them to lead. It’s up to all of us as well to not be silent, but to be a voice for the welcome changes coming. Are we willing not only to expect good governing by others, but to also run for local office? It’s a chance to work and advocate for our values on school board, select board, or other offices. If we don’t, who will? ...


Participation takes on many forms. The LCDC also relies on monetary donations along with your volunteer efforts. If you are able, consider making a donation, of any size, to show your support.