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In addition to County and Municipal Committee Meetings, the LCDC hosts or promotes other educational, activist, and social activities to further our goals within our town committees or across the county. Join us!

Get to a Meeting

The Lincoln County Democratic Committee meets monthly. It’s an opportunity to meet members, participate in discussion, hear from political candidates and other speakers with expertise, ideas and opinions about current issues. We also have a number of volunteer subcommittees that focus on various long-range projects as well as many active Municipal Committees.


One of the fundamental roles of the LCDC is to educate and support aspiring candidates. It is more important than ever that the voices of those with progressive values and ideas are heard and that fresh perspectives and strategies are brought to bear on the problems we face.




  • Tomlin Perkins Coggeshall, grandson of Frances Perkins – FDR’s Secretary of Labor and the first woman to hold a presidential cabinet position – was honored by the Lincoln County Democratic Committee (LCDC) during the Frances Perkins Award Dinner on May 5. ...

  • The LCDC will send 93 delegates representing 17 towns to the Maine Democratic Party's biennial convention May 18 to 20 at The Androscoggin Bank Colisée in Lewiston....

  • Join us for a non-partisan presentation on the history and impact of Ranked Choice Voting as well as the pros and cons of the new voting system. The presentation will take place at the beginning of the Lincoln County Democratic Committee's monthly meeting....

  • To The Editor: Maine voters from both parties have a historic opportunity in June—we will be the first voters in any state to rank our preferences for candidates in a state primary, thanks to the efforts of the multi-partisan Committee for Ranked Choice Voting in Maine. Democrats will have seven candidates to choose from, while Republicans will have four. You can rank all the gubernatorial candidates in your party from number one to number seven (or four), or choose to rank just your top candidates. In other words, you only need to rank the candidates you would like to see......


Participation takes on many forms. The LCDC also relies on monetary donations along with your volunteer efforts. If you are able, consider making a donation, of any size, to show your support.