WANTED: Campaign Office Manager

WANTED: Campaign Office Manager


We are looking for a positive, energetic, organized person with strong people skills.

The manager of the Lincoln County Democratic Committee’s campaign office has responsibilities that revolve around three areas: people, place, and time. The campaign office manager often acts as the public face of the local Democratic Party and must be enthusiastic about Democratic values, knowledgeable about Lincoln County and our local candidates, and willing to lend a hand wherever needed. People-skills are important, but the office manager must also be organized and willing to ask questions when necessary. Ease with social media, email, and other internet activities is essential. The campaign office manager is part of the campaign team and reports to the chair of the campaign committee. The basic responsibilities are:

1. Manage Campaign Volunteers

The campaign office manager recruits volunteers and helps schedule and train volunteers for various tasks. It is crucial that the office manager interact with established and prospective volunteers in a friendly manner, welcoming them to the office, and thanking them for the work they do. Volunteers are the lifeblood of the campaign; we need to treat them as the treasured assets they are.

2. Manage the Office Space

The campaign office space serves several functions. It’s a place for volunteers to meet before canvassing or phone banking. It’s a location for Lincoln County Democratic Committee monthly meetings and sub-committee meetings. It’s a place for candidates to meet with press for interviews or with the public for “meet-and-greets.” And it’s a place for members of the public to stop in and get information about the campaign.

During the heaviest part of campaign season, the office will be open seven days a week. The campaign office manager must line up volunteers to act as greeters, volunteers to open and close the office, to help with furnishing and serving refreshments, and to maintain and clean the premises. The office manager will also work with town captains on dispensing of campaign signs.

3. Manage the Master Calendar

The campaign season is full of events and activities. By maintaining a complete master calendar that lists all upcoming happenings, conflicts such as double-booking the office for meetings or scheduling two volunteer-heavy activities simultaneously can be avoided. The calendar should be readily available online and in physical form at the office. Faithfully maintaining the calendar should head off conflicts but, when they do occur, the office manager should try to resolve the problems with the competing parties, bringing in others (campaign committee chair and county chair) if necessary.

Timing, Pay and Benefits

The position of campaign office manager is not full-time. It comes with a stipend of $5,000 and the possibility of free accommodations. It will run from the end of May through mid-November, with the heaviest workload in late summer and fall.

Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to barbaraburt@protonmail.com. The position will be filled as soon as a suitable candidate is found.

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