Democrats should join me on March 4. Let’s prepare to fight the good fight!

Democrats should join me on March 4. Let’s prepare to fight the good fight!

To the Editor:

I encourage all registered Democrats in the state to attend your local Caucus on Sunday, March 4. Or if you are currently unenrolled and want to help make the changes we need in Augusta, come on Sunday and register as a Democrat to become part of the solution!

I do not want another 8 years of LePage politics in our state. And after the 2016 presidential election, I am very concerned that this could happen. We have many capable gubernatorial candidates: establishment insiders, outsiders, in-betweeners… But we have to be sure to back the right one in June and stand behind that candidate no matter what come November.

And when we get that Democrat in the governor’s office, we MUST surround that person with legislators that will help carry out the progressive policy changes that we need to get back to a safe, healthy, educated, thriving, proud Maine.

The first step is to go to your town’s Democratic Caucus on March 4. We won’t be selecting or voting on candidates on this day but we will get to meet many of them and we’ll get to meet with our neighbors and share knowledge on issues and candidates. We’ll also get to learn from our LOCAL party leaders about how we will come together to stand up and fight for what and who we want to see in Augusta for the coming terms. And if you want to become more involved, the local party committees will welcome you with open arms and put you to work.

I know this, firsthand. I attended my first Caucus in 2016 after being away from Maine for 20 years. I decided it’s time I do something. So I started to go to county party meetings, was a delegate to the state convention, and even took a town position on our Planning Board. But all you need to do is to care enough to get more informed. So I am learning. Reading. Listening. As much as I can so that I can be the most informed when casting my votes (or ranking my candidates). And I share what I learn with friends and family. And they’ll share with theirs. If just a few more people spent a bit more time caring enough to do something, anything, then we’d get the word out to where change is made.

Social media is a wonderful thing. But it’s not new. We’ve been sharing ideas and knowledge, socially, with friends and family for years. At gatherings, over the phone, at the water cooler, through the mail. In the paper. It’s just a little bit more immediate and techie now. Be wary, but still use it for good.

I just want to see us get passionate about this year’s race. In 2016 so many people came out “with her” or because they were “feelin’ the Bern.” But now it’s hitting closer to home. Our home. Maine needs this to be done. Maine needs you to care. Please attend your Caucus on Sunday, March 4.

Autumn Mahoney

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