Zak Ringelstein

Zak Ringelstein


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We are living in a period of historic inequality where 1 in 5 children live in poverty, 1% of the American population owns 40% of our wealth, 50% of our wildlife has been decimated since 1970, and life expectancy went down this year for the first time in decades.

As Americans trying to make sense of how our democracy has become so threatened and our country so divided, we can say once and for all that we do know the reason. Corporations and the top tenth of one percent are in control of our government. The lobbyists write the bills, then pay off of Congress to pass the bills — and who is left out? Us, the working class.

That’s why I am not taking a single penny from corporations, PACs, or lobbyists because the only way to achieve Medicare For All, defeat climate change, end the era of college debt, and grow the middle class again is to stay completely uninfluenced.

In this dark period of our country where we look more like an oligarchy than the democracy we love and treasure, we cannot afford to compromise our progressive values, and we cannot afford to vote from a place of fear. We must pursue an agenda of progress and hope. It is time to elect a new kind of Democratic leader to represent Maine in the United States Senate.

With hope,
Zak Ringelstein
Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senate

Zak Ringelstein is the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in Maine. Zak and his wife, Leah, were raised in rural, working class homes by parents who lived their values as teachers and as social workers. Though Zak and Leah left college with over $150,000 in debt, they worked hard, first as a public school teachers, then as founders of an education business that helped students and teachers collaborate. As the CEO, Zak negotiated the sale of their company at the age of 28 and was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. Zak has worked early childhood education policy at the White House; given a TEDx Talk on the damaging effects of standardized testing; and fought for educational, healthcare, and economic justice as a nationally-renowned leader and writer for Forbes and the New York Times. As Maine’s next U.S. Senator, Zak Ringelstein will fight to get money out of politics, enact Medicare for All, and reignite the economy in Maine.

We are fighting to unrig the system so that every American can thrive. We must get money out of politics to achieve this. Unlike my opponents who take millions of dollars from corporate PACs, our campaign is only accepting contributions from individuals to ensure that I will be beholden solely to the people of Maine once I am elected, not to corporations or lobbyists.

Please contribute to show grassroots power and get a progressive elected to the U.S. Senate in Maine!


Note: Maine Clean Elections funding is only available to State House, State Senate and Gubernatorial candidates.

The Democratic Convention erupts in a standing ovation after Ringelstein's speech about getting big money out of politics!

Posted by Zak Ringelstein on Friday, May 18, 2018
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